Welcome home

Welcome home

You know, we’ve never been busier… you may have heard the exciting news about the team landing an awesome new office space during the week? Well, the champagne station is actually to become a reality after KB and Human Resources both approved this genius idea. As a team we were rather surprised they approved it so quickly and we’re now thinking news of the chin-chin station may have spread as our neighbouring tenants have been enthusiastically welcoming us with miles of smiles. It’s a bit exciting because the new office is located at Camp Hill Marketplace, which is super special as it hosts a huge variety of coffee, pastry and food options. Food expectancy in the office is about to hit an all time high as new delicacies will no doubt be gracing our desks. The other thing which is even more exciting than the food opportunities is that we share our office space with the amazingly colourful and clever team from Ruby Olive Jewellery! Yep, so that means playing dress ups with the jewels all day long… while we work naturally.

Both the KB and Ruby Olive teams met during the week and had a walk around the premises to gauge what’s where and what to expect. It’s quite the hub you know. Let’s play ‘shopping with the KB blogger’ for a minute and I’ll take you on an imaginary day trip to Camp Hill Marketplace. Ok, so after comfortably parking your car within the extensive car park, perhaps a coffee and a croissant will do at Banneton Bakery. The croissants look as if they’ve been on steroids but that’s not surprising because these guys are artists when creating breads and pastries. Hmmm… they may need to consider filing a bunch of restraining orders ahead of time for any future pests and lurkers.

After indulging in your coffee and mega croissant, it’s time for you to buy yourself a reward (you’ll understand why you deserve a reward very shortly) so, into Espial Interiors you go for a new something for you!! Just a heads up, you’ll spend ages in there. Now, don’t forget you need to buy the quadruplets gifts for their 6th Birthday on Saturday. You have quads in this scenario – Daisy, Dicky, Dante and Delilah …. born naturally with no assisted medication… congratulations! (That’s why you deserve a reward) Mama’s Home can help you with the kids pressies so don’t stress. It’s a totally divine store full of beautiful children’s pieces and are located directly underneath our office. 

Oh dear… you just broke 4 nails! That will happen when clutching 10 shopping bags from Mama’s Home for the 4D’s. Thankfully, Kissable Nails can fit you in immediately. They will definitely make your nails kissable, but wait until they dry because it’s hard to get magenta coloured polish off of your lips… that’s what I heard from someone who wasn’t me. By now it’s lunchtime and you are feeling like Mexican food and well look…. there’s Zambrero… they do a killer taco. Fast forward an hour and not only are you one satisfied Senora but you need to get a move on with the day before the 4D’s need picking up from school and changed into their uniforms for karate practice. Your phone is ringing! It’s someone from Jett’s fitness next door asking if you would like to pay them a visit. Did they see you in at Zambrero? Were they watching as you took care of that fourth taco? Oh my…. slight paranoia setting in and you need to get control of that inner monologue stat! Go up and see what they have to offer and then pop back down to Naked Foods for some healthy stuff. The food is naked, not you…. incase you felt confused as to whether to strip off or not.

Up the stairs to Jett’s you go, clutching the shopping bags with a great attitude. Stay focused now and don’t look to the left. I said don’t look to the left! Ok, you’ve found us…. yes yes, we’re as funny, beautiful and clever as you had imagined. You just stepped into interiors heaven as fabric swatches, mood boards and a champagne station entice you in even further. Yes, there’s a jewellery business in here too, remember I mentioned that at the beginning? Go on… you know the 4D’s need their rooms updated and your husband with be home from his trip from outer space soon so it would be good to have it done before he lands. Oh yes, you’re married to an Astronaut and money is no object, so sign off on those rooms with KB before helping yourself to the champagne station. Quickly now…. you need to pick up some flowers for tonight’s fundraiser from Flour and Bloom and then get to Woolies for a spinach and feta quiche, which someone told you was apparently amazing after reading it on a blog somewhere! Jett’s Fitness will need to wait and you may need to return another day because there’s far too much to get through today and between the 4D’s, their birthday party, the room reno’s with us, Astronaut Steve coming home, karate lessons, fundraisers and all the other balls you’re juggling, just be thankful that Camp Hill Marketplace is a one stop shop for everything and anything.

Yikes….. can you imagine if that was all real life? Quads? …. Ouch…


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